Libra 4.0

A weight management app for mobile phones

Version 1.0 came out a decade ago,
now it's time for a major update:

Same Great Functionality

Most Requested Improvements

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Data Ownership

Clear Monetization

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a planned release date?
A: Not really, there are way too many variables to give a good estimate.
Q: When is the private beta starting?
A: The current soft target is towards the second half of the year.
Q: Where can I follow your progress?
A: I'll be posting updates on twitter.
Q: What's your business model?
A: The most valuable functionality should remain free (as in the current app) and add paid features on top for the power users to support further development.
Q: What about the users who already paid for removing ads from the current version?
A: Depends on the exact business model but certainly they will be accomodated.
Q: How exactly is my data kept safe when using the online service?
A: Data security is extremely important for an app like Libra. I will make the technical details available for review once the app goes live.
Q: My question isn't answered here
A: Send me a message on twitter or drop me an email at