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Libra is an Android application that takes daily readings of your weight and displays them in a chart with a moving average “tendency curve” in order to absorb errors in daily weighing.


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  1. Thanks very much for Libra, great app and I’ve just upgraded to pro version. Any plans to integrate with RunKeeper?

  2. I tried, but I was unconfortable with their API policy.
    It basically states that any data uploaded to their servers becomes their exclusive property, and withholds full access to it from third-party apps, even if the data was uploaded by that app in the first place.

    I’m not the only dev with these worries and they’re aware of the issue. If the terms change, I will get back to this.

  3. Do you plan to add additional variables to the graph like: exercised / non-exercised or something like this to understand the reason of weight change?

  4. Nice news!
    Pardon for pestering, but when do you plan to release the next version? just an approximation pls.

  5. When it’s done :-)

    Seriously, it’s hard to say. Depends on my free time and how smoothly development goes.
    Don’t expect anything within the next few weeks though. There’s still a lot to be done.

  6. Hello!
    I upgraded my phone recently — how do I move my backup data over to the new devices?

    Thanks in advance!

  7. @JDP you’ll have to go through the Database List and export/import the database using a .csv file.

    Please check the FAQ for details.

  8. Nice app. But what do you mean with ‘variance’. what is ‘trend’ ?
    What is the blue line? what is the red line ?

  9. Most of the answers to those questions are in the FAQ.
    Anyway, quickly: Variance is the difference between the trend and the real weight for that day. It gives a sort of “speed” of your weight change.
    The blue line is your diet plan, as defined in the diet plan preferences, and the red line is the trend line.
    The FAQ has a very nice link explaining the trend line.

  10. Hi,
    fantastic program, its my favourite app. When I export my weights to a csv file it gives two columns for my weight both similar but different. Which column is the right one? Also when recording weight.


  11. The first column is the weight as inserted. The second is the trend.
    The next version has labels for the different columns to avoid this sort of confusion :-)

  12. @Humberto the source was closed a very long time ago.
    The link to Google code stayed because I was too busy to change it, but it will be changed to this address in the next version.

    In any case I will be open-sourcing the synchronization framework, if that’s interesting for you.

  13. Ok, it’s fine. The part I wanted to study was the interface, it’s really well done. Can you tell which library are you using for the ActionBar in 2.3 or minor?

  14. The action bar in the current market version is based on the official Android support samples. You can find it via their developer blog posts, or in the Android dev resources.

    However, I strongly recomend you to use ActionBarSherlock:
    It’s better in every possible way. The only drawback is that it only supports Android 2.1+, but that accounts for most Android devices nowadays, anyway.
    The next version of Libra will use that library.

  15. Can you make add a person list. That would be great.

    Bye the way this app is the best on my list.

  16. I have used this app for a long time now and the only problem I have is easy sharing of data among my android devices. It would be great if my data could be held online, maybe in google docs, so that I can record entries on either my Galaxy S or Galaxy Tab and have it appear on both.

  17. Hi,

    I couldn’t find the FAQ, maybe I’m going blind, but is there any plans to implement importing lean-mass and fat when syncing with a Withings-account?

  18. The FAQ is in the app.
    In any case I’m going to move it to this site. Please give me a bit of time.

    As for your other question, body fat % is implemented in the new version. I’m getting it ready for publishing soon.

  19. Love the program and love the idea of adding percent bodyfat. I am having one problem. Just upgraded phone to RAZRMax and now the graph won’t rotate whe i turn the phone horizontally. Other apps do rotate.

  20. Sorry, I don’t know what the problem could be.
    It might be related to Libra disabling hardware acceleration for the chart. This will be fixed in the next version, so all I can say is please wait and try again when the update comes along.

  21. I had to replace my device and I lost my data. However, I was keeping track on an excel spreadsheet. Is there anyway to load historical data into libra (besides by hand)?

  22. Libra is a great app, I currently use libra on my htc phone running ginger bread, I have just brought a tablet but its running ICS and I have been trying to find the directory that libra is installed to so I can copy my phones csv file across to the tablet, yet I can’t find it. any ides where it could be or another way of importing the file to my tablet.

  23. Hi
    I was looking for a very long time, and did not find the place in which to enter the amount of body fat, water, muscle and weight of the weighing scales which operates on the principle of bioimpedent. From this you can count the number of things, how much we have lost muscle tissue and how much fat. From this you can count the number of things, how much we have lost muscle tissue and how much fat, etc. BMI is sux is wrong… Perhaps we could write something like. It would be very popular…

    I greet

    sry my english sux


  24. I recently had to get a new phone and now I can’t find where to enter my goal weight etc.

  25. Thank you for responding so quickly.

    I am looking and the only buttons are the import button, the database list button, and the insert value button. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app and the menu button has not shown up.

  26. Do you have a physical menu button in your device? Have you tried it? (should be below the screen)
    What device is it, by the way?

  27. Hey, thanks for doing Libra. Money gladly and well spent!

    I’ve got a suggestion: What about providing some additional weight goals, i.e. lines? Not as a substitution to the “weight goal” we can set right now, but something like a visual reminder: “Don’t get over that weight”, “this is your next step to your target weight – then you’re entitled to BURGER TIME”, “Don’t slip under this weight” usw.

    A bonus would be if those line could be hidden (all at once).

    Again, thanks for taking care of Libra!

  28. Hey Cachapa, just out of curiosity, why did you decide to take this project from open-source back to closed source?
    And related to that, did you accept any code from 3rd parties while “Libra” was published under GPLv3 that is still being used in the now closed-source app?

  29. Libra hasn’t been open source for a long time now.
    The reason is simple: I wanted to have some sort of monetary return for the app (ads), which is a bit incompatible with having it open-source.
    Also, after about one month of it being published, someone copied the app wholesale and published it under a different name. I realized that I wasn’t really comfortable with that.

    As for code contributions, I never got any. Don’t worry, I’m aware of the requirements for GPL. If there had been GPL code inside, I’d either have contacted the authors for permission, or removed that code.

  30. Hi Cachapa, awesome app.

    Any plans on making the exported image a higher resolution? I love to share my progress with my friends.

    I haven’t been successful taking a screenshot either.

  31. Plans yes. Time to do it in between all of the other missing stuff is another issue.
    But it will be there eventually.

  32. Hi Cachapa.

    Great app which have helped me a lot the last year.
    But my phone is for repear, is there any way i can submit or access my data on the web

    Keep up the good work


  33. @jesper not unless you have a Withings scale and configured synchronization.
    Though if you had, I’m pretty sure that you’d know that already.

  34. Hi there…
    Great app.
    Congratulations. Any plans to add more panels / graphs like blood pressure and pulse to make a kind of male health dashboard?

  35. Thank you very much for the app. It’s really nice and that’s why a bought the pro version.
    Now i’m wondering if you plan to make it for iOS too. i’ve friends that don’t wan’t android and have iPod or iPhone and i seek for apps like yours and they suck!

  36. Hello, I love Libra :)
    However, now I want to add all the entries from my previous logging (from a selfmade database).
    I was planning on exporting all the entries from my own database to a CSV format compliant with Libra, then importing them to Libra, however, I don’t understand the last column in the Libra CSV. It seems to be standard deviation or something.
    - Do i need this column for the numbers i want to import?
    - If i need them, how to i calculate them?


  37. Hi Daniel, I just switched phone and I was thinking about data import/export in this case. Why not build a simple service to store these info on the cloud? The space/bandwith required would not be too much (just a few bytes of text).

    What do you think about it?

  38. Hello, I’ve been using Libra for a couple of weeks now and LOVE it. Is there any way I can access my chart on the internet though – ie on a computer or tablet?

    Many thanks,


  39. Hi Cachapa.

    Endomondo and Libra are my two best apps. Is there any way to make them sync?.

    Aslo, it would be nice if you could sync Libra’s database with Dropbox or Google Drive.

    Thank you for your super app.

  40. I like this application but I wish that I users could set the increments. For example, my scale at home goes to the nearest half pound, the scale at my gym goes to the nearest .2 pound, etc. If I could set the scrolling belt to be .5, that would be awesome!

  41. The new version allows for that. I just have to get around to make a
    preference for it.

    Can’t promise anything. Life’s been hectic.

  42. Libra – Thanks! & suggestion

    Hi, I’m Martin and I send this mail to say thank you for your application and let you know that I prefer the previous theme (black) because it uses less battery.

    Can you put a button or option to select the theme please?


  43. I’m disabling comments on this page because it’s too difficult to keep track of all the different conversations.
    If you’d like to contact me, please do so via email.

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